Mr. Robert Lee Robertson, Jr.

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November 18, 1947 – January 20, 2018

Memorial Service

Saturday, February 3, 2018
3:30 P.M.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Wittnesses
2313 US-41A
Shelbyville, Tennessee

Mr. Robert Lee Robertson, Jr., age 70, passed away Saturday, January 20th. He is survived by his children, Leroy E. (Sibylle), Ramona W. and Michael C. Robertson; two sisters, Joanne (Darnell) Rogers and Jacqueline (Oscar) Cannon; two brothers, Albert (Anna Bell) Ransom and Larry (Iris) Robertson; one uncle, Ray Ransom; along with a host of other relatives and friends.

20 thoughts on “Mr. Robert Lee Robertson, Jr.

  1. Brother Bob – measure twice, cut once! We did a lot of jobs together. You’re my heartbeat. Love and miss you. Larry

  2. Remembering the good times we all had – you and Sylvia, me and Larry! Until we meet again, sleep in peace! Your carribean sister, Iris

  3. Uncle Rob I will miss the way you always said “Hello Darling” when we would see each other. Always smiling and had positive things to say. You were a father figure to me. Enjoy your time with aunt Sylvia I know your super happy to see her.
    God bless Colleen 😍

  4. Robert Robertson was one of the best brother-in-law’s a person can have I can’t even think of words that will say how much I love him and we’ll miss him thank you for always being there for me and my children

  5. Uncle Rob, you & Aunt Sylvia took me in & loved me like I was one of your own. My best child hood memories were with you, the road trips to Tennessee, Jellystone park, fishing, barbeques in the back yard. You taught me some of the best life lessons. I remember being young and racing with you, I would get mad & cry, because you wouldn’t let me win. You looked me straight in the eyes and said, “no one is going to let you win in life, you have to push for it & when you do win you will appreciate it so much more.” Those words will forever be with me. You will be missed dearly, I love you.

  6. Uncle Rob I will miss the way you always greeted me with “Hello Darling”. You always had a positive attitude every time we talked. I want you to know you were a father figure to all of us. I know your esctatic to see Aunt Sylvia again . Love ❤️ you always Colleen.


  8. Uncle rob we shared the same birthday you took me under your wings and showed me alot of things you would take me on your side jobs with me it ment alot and i learned alot from you thank you for everything one thing is for sure you will be missed deeply and will forever live in our hearts love you miss you uncle.

  9. Uncle Rob, we shared the same birthday
    You will never be forgotten. You took me under your wings and would teach me, on side jobs !Uncle Rob you showed me alot!!! I have so many memories of all the GOOD times I had with you. One thing is for sure you be deeply missed and forever live in our hearts love u uncle

  10. Uncle Rob there are so many memories that all of us have about you I would like to start by saying thank you you accepted me and my siblings into your home and you loved us as if we were your biological children you taught us you chastise us and one of the most precious moments I remember was our early morning fishing trips and coming back home and going in the backyard and scaling the fish I’ll never forget when we went fishing and I had to put the worm on the fishing pole it was kind of strange nasty and all the above but the value in it was time spent and love something that you and Aunt Sylvia always offered to us you will be greatly missed your words of wisdom they were sharp they cut like knives but they had meaning they had reason they was something that you can carry with you till this day and like choline said your hello Darlings brighten all of us and that smile that you had on your face even when Going Through Your Storm it’s something that I will always remember and I thank you again for loving me and my siblings and accepting us and to your home as if we were young you will be missed and you will always be in my heart

  11. I just loved to hear you say hello “ Cousin “with that smile even in your voice. RIP , Turk, we all love you , but God Loved You more.

  12. My father Robert Lee Robertson, dedicated his life to his wife and his children. He was a faithful husband and a great provider. He did great work in the community as a football coach and being the local plumber. One of the best feelings growing up in my community is how people spoke so highly of my father that’s why I didn’t mind being called the plumber’s daughter. Thank you Dad for teaching me that I’m worthy of real love and true happiness, my morals, character, and everything good about me. I look back now, I realizes that you were my biggest vocal supporter. I can’t imagine life without you, and I will always love you.
    Love the plumber’s daughter 😘❤️🙏

  13. Uncle Rob
    I will always cherish all the talks and memories we had together. You instilled a piece of you in me ,that is how to LOVE and FORGIVE but Most of all to always do the right thing.

    You will be deeply Missed but never fogotten.
    Rest in peace with Syliva you have reached you destiny .


  14. Uncle Rob,
    I’m going to miss the “Hello Ms. Kimberly Ann” and the way you would give me big hugs and kisses. I have lots of great memories of you, and they will be cherished. You will be miss, but never forgotten. I take comfort in knowing that you are with your true love “BIG MAMA”aunt Sylvia. Rest easy.
    Your niece, Kimberly Ann❤️

  15. My uncle Rob always told me as a kid to always look someone in the eye when you talk and stand up straight. Those words I take with me and instill in my daughter. Until we meet again uncle. I love you

  16. My uncle. My hero. My measuring stick.

    I watched you my whole life and that’s how I learned how to be a man.

    You sleep my brother. I’ll see you soon!

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